Saturday, February 7, 2015


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Lindy DiNovo said...

Time heals all wounds, forgive and you will be able to forgive yourself and most importantly love yourself so you can be open to being loved.
So many times we blame the other person, make them the AH who is causing our pain without taking the responsibility for our part in what is causing the pain.
When a person moves on and we haven't doesn't mean they had an easy time of it. We didn't see their tears, anguished or remorse. Their anger that as much as they tried for whatever the reason they couldn't hold it together. It just means they have went through the stages of grief and have accepted the cold hard truth that it's over.
Sooner or later we will get there too. Get to the point that we can genuinely wish them well, sincerely be happy that they are happy. Then believe it or not we are at the point that they are at, we have moved on.
We now have the opportunity to take the time to reflect on our own lives. What do we like and don't like about it. Do the things that make us a better person, remembering that we are not perfect.
We have the opportunity to find happiness, to be content. I can almost be sure that the other person will be happy for us.