Thursday, March 3, 2016

Frequent Long Walks

A Proposition by Christopher Green with Etel Adnan, Carl Andre, Richard Artschwager, Vija Celmins, Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber, Hreinn Fridfinnsson, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Mary Heilmann, Agnes Martin, Vicken Parsons, Nigel Shafran, Philippe Van Snick, Anne Truitt, Christoph von Weyhe

Inspired by the great Swiss writer Robert Walser we have brought together a group of artists for this show whose work - as far as we are concerned - could be described as possessing a kind of slowness in its burn; artists who stoke the viewer’s perception: ideas and language are revealed over time and often with solitude. 

The show's title is derived from a description of Walser, who loved to take long lonely walks as a means of gestation. Of course it is no coincidence that one of Walser's greatest ever short stories (beloved by Susan Sontag, Hermann Hesse, W.G. Sebald and others) is Der Spaziergang (The Walk). 

A programme of events will run throughout the show including a special screening of 'Richard Artschwager shut up and LOOK' (directed by Maryte Kavaliauskas 2012). The exhibition is also accompanied by a publication. 

opening March 9th
private view March 8th

Hannah Barry Gallery 
4 Holly Grove Peckham, London SE15 5DF 

Exhibition runs through 23 April.

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