Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Alice/aliceday, Brussels

Lost in Space

March 27 to April 26, 2014

The exhibition “Lost in Space” does not refer to or evoke any specific aesthetic position or artistic movement. It invites each viewer to experience, almost physically, instinctively, the links existing between the chosen artists’ creative universes. Through different experimental approaches, these artists have created works with a shared “cosmic” sensibility, felt on both visual and formal levels.

“Lost in Space” includes eight artists, three of whom are represented by the Alice Gallery: the collective Atelier Pica Pica (Belgium), Sixe Paredes (Spain) and Michael Swaney (Canada). Three have collaborated on several occasions with aliceday: Neal Beggs (UK), RAL Neil Farber & Michael Dumontier (Canada) and Gauthier Leroy (France). Also invited are Hughes Reip (France) and Fabrice Domercq (France), whose work has not yet been shown in Belgium, but who share this common “cosmic” spirit.

curated by aliceday Gallery


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